Welcome to Mrs. Holmes' Page

Hello, Friends! Welcome to the Dennett Elementary Art Page. I am the art teacher, Mrs. Holmes. I always tell my students, ‘Everyone can draw, but no one can draw just like you.’ Each individual brings their own style, creativity and perspective to a work of art. Through art, our students have the opportunity for self-expression and have the ability to showcase their personal strengths in a meaningful way. This not only helps them to become more perceptive in art, but also in life. From creative problem solving, to discovery, to investigating, dreaming and inventing, creating art is a great way to improve concentration and express individuality. Below is a sampling of our latest projects. Please come back often to take a peek at our wonderful adventures!

Dennett Grade 6 students experimented with graded washes, color drops and pigment blending on a world map. Using warm or cool colors, we embraced our “mistakes” and accidental drips to create a vibrant likeness of our continents.

“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” – Bob Ross

Dennett Grade 5 students explored shapes, color blending, highlights and shadows while drawing and painting these vibrant parrots. Overlapping layers and graded washes were used as we focused on variety of watercolor techniques.

Dennett Grade 4 students experimented with watercolor effects and noted how paint colors and patterns can appear different when dry. Next, we added highlights and embellishments using sharpie to create these unique, original designs.

What can you do with watercolor? Whatever your imagination desires! Dennett Grade 3 students pushed, dabbed, blew, scraped and drew on their watercolor experiments while creating original non-representational pieces of art. When all the elements of art work together, the result is harmony in art.

Dennett Grade 2 students created expressive faces using color and line while representing a mood or emotion. We picked an emotion (angry, sad, happy, etc.) and showed that feeling in our work. We discussed exaggeration in facial features and even included hair as part of the emotion!

Dennett Grade 1 students discussed Water Lilies, a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926). We were inspired to create our own artwork inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies. Starting with a simple arch, we drew a bridge and outlined it in oil pastel. We then experimented with a textured watercolor background followed by the addition of tissue paper water lilies. They came out beautiful!.

Dennett Kindergarten students discussed different types of line and practiced drawing those lines, stretching them from one edge of a page to the other. We then painted each space with a different color to highlight them.