Welcome to Mrs. Holmes' Page

Hello, Friends! Welcome to the Dennett Elementary Art Page. I am the art teacher, Mrs. Holmes. I always tell my students, ‘Everyone can draw, but no one can draw just like you.’ Each individual brings their own style, creativity and perspective to a work of art. Through art, our students have the opportunity for self-expression and have the ability to showcase their personal strengths in a meaningful way. This not only helps them to become more perceptive in art, but also in life. From creative problem solving, to discovery, to investigating, dreaming and inventing, creating art is a great way to improve concentration and express individuality. Below is a sampling of our latest projects. Please come back often to take a peek at our wonderful adventures!

Stop by the art room and take part in creating our latest collaborative design "Suit and Tie". Everyone is invited to step on this art work to discolor the paper. The blue outline you are seeing is tape which will eventually be removed to reveal the artwork beneath!

Grade 6 Square 1 Art Fundraiser!

Dennett Grade 5 students participated in Square 1 Art! Square 1 Art is a fundraiser that believes that the arts are the building blocks to all other educational disciplines. The focus is on student learning and creativity. Students created a design of their choice for this project.

Dennett Grade 4 students participated in Square 1 Art! We looked at images of landscapes and seascapes and discussed foreground and background in an artwork. We then created real or imaginary places focusing on focal point and composition.

Grade 3 students participated in Square 1 Art!

Dennett Grade 2 students created contrast color hand designs for Square 1 Art focusing on shapes, warm/cool colors and patterns.

Dennett Grade 1 students were inspired by Kandinsky when creating these concentric circle tree designs for their Square 1 Art.

Dennett Kindergarten students discussed different types of line and practiced drawing those lines, stretching them from one edge of a page to the other. We then painted each space with a different color to highlight them.